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Maid Sissie from Montana is busy performing her daily chores Sissie is a very submissive maid who is completely controlled by her Mistress/wife Rebecca. Even though they are married, the girl shares none of the privileges of a normal husband. She is strictly used for maid services.

Sissie's Mistress loves to show her off to visitors and let visitors put her through tests or training of their design. Sissie would consider it an honour to serve any visiting Mistress or Master and to serve them as a proper maid should.

Sissie is Registered Maid #589.


Pretty Maid Cindy knows that she needs to dress the part to do a good job, when helping her wife around the house. We can see that her uniform is perfect at this occasion, including a magnificent petticoat.

Cindy is always looking to meet new Internet friends and you should all make a visit to Cindy's nice homepage.


The lovely Maid Cathy is a well trained and obedient maid.

Cathy is not a registered maid as she is the sole property of her owner "Mistress Carla". She is loaned out occasionally for household chores at the whim of mistress.

Cathy has been in service as a maid for over seven years.

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