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Maid Gwendoline is another pretty ‘soubrette’ living in France. I think we all agree that it would be impossible to say ‘No, thank you’, when Gwendoline is offering an apple on a tray.

Gwendoline also enjoys BDSM games very much, in particular bondage. You will read and see more of Gwen - and get some fascinating tips about self bondage too - when you make a visit to La page de Gwendoline. This is a Five-Star (*****) site!


The seducing Maid Vanessa from München in Germany is posing for us in her beautiful französische dienstmädchenuniform.

Vanessa is indeed an outstanding example of the many obedient and sevice-minded maids of Germany


Maid Inma is a very pretty and submissive Spanish maid. All those of you looking for a new maid in Spain should note that Inma is now offering her services for a real life Mistress or Master. Inma will indeed be a nice and useful maid to have at hand, and she is prepared to receive strict discipline in order to learn total obedience.

You should also make a visit to Inma’s interesting web site, para entrar en el espacio de Inmaculada.

Inma is Registered Maid #308.

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