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Maid Maud is a friendly ‘soubrette’ from France. Très sexy, souriante et prête à servir. Elle est là pour satisfaire vos "désirs"...

Maud’s Mistress has ordered the girl to join the 'Maids around the World', to let everyone enjoy seeing her at service, both as a french and an english maid. We send our thanks to the Mistress.

Also, you should all pay a visit to Maud’s own homepage.


Lovely Maid Tammi is receiving a severe telling off from her Mistress. The girl is of course paying full attention. Afterwards, it is 'Yes Mistress, thank You Mistress', a nice curtsey and then off again to the chores.

We are grateful to Mistress Blaque for showing us this lesson, and for wanting to have Her maid seen on the 'Maids around the World'.

Tammi is Registered Maid #553


The sensuous Miss Barbi has dressed up for us in a lovely maid's dress, and has also draped herself in soft, shiny, slippery pink satin.

You should, however, not be surprised if she suddenly turns into the rubber and leather clad Dominatrix Barbi Satin, ordering you on your knees to lick your way up her thigh high patent leather boots.

Barbi has opened a new homepage, but not for those under 18.

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