Maids around the World

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The pretty Maid Tonya is submissively kneeling when presenting her frilly white knickers. We can also see that Tonya’s arms are properly chained to her collar and that her high heels are well secured with padlocks. The girl is prepared for service.

Tonya has served as a house girl to two previous Mistresses and is now looking for a long term position. The Mistress who gets this maid in Her staff will certainly become a pleased Mistress.

Tonya is Registered Maid # 487.

  Maid Diana has dressed up in her best uniform and is properly bending over to receive a corrective lesson.

We suspect that the punishment is well deserved and we trust that Diana will become an even better and more obedient maid afterwards.


Maid Sissy is Laurie's cute husband. Laurie has sent us these photos showing Sissy preparing for afternoon Tea Service. The girl is first corsetted and then dresses to serve her Wife and Her girlfriends. We can see the maid’s chores uniform hanging in the background.

Laurie and Sissy are from the Philadelphia area and Sissy would also like to serve for other ladies.

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