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The lovely Maid Rebacca is making a short break from her chores to have a few photos taken for all of us to enjoy. We send our thanks to her Wife and Mistress Sandy

Rebacca is wearing her impressive satin pinafore apron with lots of lacy frills and a matching frilly cap.

Rebacca is Registered Maid # 455 and she is now opening her own homepage.


Maid Anne from England is obediently bending over for inspection. We can see that the stockings are nicely in place and that the petticoat and panties are adequately frilly to give the required feminine appearance. We do also get a glimpse of a generous bow from the apron at her back.

Maid Anne has now started to assemble her own web pages. She would also love to have email from other maids.


This is Maid Kelley Anne, a pretty girl living in the Seattle, WA area. Kelley Anne has been lucky enough to serve part time with a wonderful couple in this area and she would now like to find someone close to home to meet with. Kelley Anne enjoys dressing, and having fun, but she is also such a naughty girl that she probably needs a spanking once in a while.

Anyone interested in contacting Kelley Anne is welcome to send her an e-mail.

Kelley Anne is Registered Maid # 483. 

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