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The lovely Maid Diane from Oxfordshire in UK is performing her domestic duties. We can all learn from Diane the way she is keeping her beautiful uniform in perfect order. Have a look at the nice white frills and the ironed apron. She is also wearing a pair of ankle cuffs connected by a short chain, Diane is not going anywhere before the kitchen is sparkling.

Diane has the right attitude to become a good maid, but she is still in need of formal training. Any training instructions to her by e-mail would be taken very seriously and photographic proof will be placed on Diane's web site.

The Mistresses in Oxfordshire should also note that Diane is between services at present.

Diane is Registered Maid #445

  Cute Maid Bridgette is sitting nice and quiet, waiting for new duties. We can see that her Dom is keeping her well under control.

Bridgette has her own homepage where you will find out how she ended up as a cd maid and slave to a male Dom and His sub. Bridgette’s Dom plans to have a lot of photos taken over the next weeks and months, so drop in once in a while to see how it develops.

Bridgette is Registered Maid #1568


The sweet Maid Lisa is from Calgary in Canada. Lisa loves to role play as a maid once in a while and in the photos above we can see her standing outside her madams' clothing store, B&B Emporium, where she serves wine to customers on Saturdays.

To the right above we can see her taking part in an advertising campaign. Lisa loves her job and loves the attention she gets from the customers. I think all of us would enjoy dropping in at B&B for some shopping and a glass of wine if we should be in Calgary on a Saturday.

Lisa has been trying to be a good maid for three years now and she likes to please both men and women. She has both a satin and a wet-look PVC uniform.

Lisa is also starting her own web-site.

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