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Pretty Maid Julie is an innocent and submissive girl. She is not at all very experienced, but she knows that she has a lot to learn and you will all agree that this is just the right attitude for a novice maid.

Julie will certainly become an obedient and useful maid for the right Mistress interested in training the girl.

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Julie is Registered Maid #426.


The lovely Maid Michelle is waiting for her instructions with a friendly smile. It will for sure be a happy household to have this maid in their service.


The stunning Maid Josephine from Melbourne, Australia is letting us have a glimpse at how she is handling her domestic chores.

Josephine has been cross dressing for some years and is now looking for a Mistress who is prepared to spend some time dominating and training a submissive maid. All Mistresses of Victoria, with vacancies for new maids, should absolutely consider this opportunity

Josephine is Registered Maid #433.

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