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This is the lovely Maid Tina from UK. She is wearing one of Mrs. Silk's creations, and the photo was actually taken at Mrs. Silk's!

Tina has now moved to Southampton, where she is serving Mistress Sarah part time. Maid Tina is Registered Maid #195.


The adorable Maid Sarah is a good friend of RM# 195 Maid Tina, to whom she is Mistress Sarah. They are still looking for that special someone to kneel next to. The photo to the right is Sarah out in a night club under a UV lamp.

Sarah has developed a very nice homepage where you can read more about the fascinating person Maid Sarah and enjoy the diary. You will also find Sarah's impressive Maiding C.V.

Maid Sarah is Registered Maid #194

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The fascinating Maid Suzette still needs some more training, bondage and discipline. She is working hard at it and Suzette would now love to serve a very discriminating woman.

A Mistress who would enjoy the services of an obediant maid, and who is strict, very imaginative, knows the aesthetics of well-applied bondage, forced feminization, playful humiliation, serving Mistress' friends, and pony girl play.

This is Suzette's incredible profile(!!!):

I am looking for a long-term live-in position, part-time or an occasional on-going get-together with a dominant (or switch) female who can host and/or visit me at my lovely home in Northern California's wine country. (I am free to travel and/or relocate, too.)
My skills include massage, oral worship, cooking, cleaning, ironing, landscaping, home maintenance and repair, chauffeuring, personal shopping, and general secretarial duties such as typing, taking shorthand, scheduling appointments and trips. I would make an excellent personal maid, chauffeur, and/or secretary for a busy career woman or a woman of leisure. I nearly have a contractors license, and am skilled in laying tile, re-modeling, electrical, and interior/exterior design. I also have a post-graduate degree (MBA). I can also be the perfect gentleman to accompany a cultured woman to the Ballet, Opera, Theater, Symphony, and Musuem. I have very sophisticated tastes in everything.

I am 5-feet 10-inches tall, 170 pounds, medium build. I am in excellent health. My measurements are 38-30-38 (un-corseted). I have a full head of hair - strawberry blond. I have blue eyes and fair skin. My body is hairless from the neck down (waxed and shaved). I am told I look very feminine. I'm cute, fun, playful, and affectionate. Oh... and besides maids uniforms, I have and am interested in extremely short and sassy sissy party dresses --- perfect for playfully humiliating age regression "therapy." I'm also into pleasure pony play -- and more.

Suzette is Registered Maid #415

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