Maids around the World 

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The obedient Maid Sissi from Oslo in Norway is diligently performing her domestic duties.

Sissi is a full time maid in her Mistress’ household and she has been forced into feminization for 3 years now.


The lovely Maid Sally is up for close inspection, followed by "I am sorry Mistress, it will not happen again Mistress" and a submissive curtsey. We all know that a maid's appearance is not acceptable unless all details are in perfect order.

Sally is now serving Contessa Karen, shown in the picture to the right, and Mistress Sue. We can see that rather severe measures occasionally are required to keep the slavegirl in place. You will find more about this at Sally's Homepage.

Contessa Karen and Mistress Sue are extremely good at training maids in London and can be contacted via Sally’s e-mail.


The pretty Maid Sandra has sent these nice pictures for all of us to enjoy. Thank you Sandra!

She is a sensual girl, dreaming about being enslaved into a life of total worship to her Owners. Sandra is Registered Maid #379 and there she is telling us much more about the services and relationship she is is prepared to offer.

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