Maids around the World 

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The lovely Maid Bobbi is giving the final touch to the preparations for Christmas.  

Bobbi is the publisher of the newsletter OurWay and is married to Ms. Lisa, who has opened a new boutique, The Dressing Room.

Maid Bobbi has a wonderful collection of the most beautiful uniforms. I will strongly recommend you to make a visit to Bobbi's Homepage.

Maid Robyn is a wonderful maid from Texas USA.

She is wearing a lovely uniform with a magnificent sparkle satin pinafore from LD Fashion, and a petticoat from her own collection to go with it.

Robyn has a nice web site with lots of pictures and information about petticoat ladies. You should really drop in and enjoy The Petticoat Pages.

Maid Lisbeth is the hostess of these pages.

Lisbeth is a very devoted maid, always trying to perform up to the requirements of her superiors. However, she needs some discipline once in a while, to help her in remembering her place.

Maid Lisbeth has a few uniforms she has to get into when doing her various chores. She is showing you the outfits on a separate uniform page.

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