Maids around the World

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Meet the lovely Maid Josie. Josie is being kept as a maid, and her wife Sarina has given us permission to publish these most enjoyable pictures on our page.

As you can see, Josie's wife is very strict about the maid's appearance. Maid Josie has to keep her hair colored, permed and cut in a permanent female hairstyle. She has thin arched brows, acrylic nails, double pierced ears and permanent tattooed eyeliner.

Here you can see Timothy Reisling Betticut describing how Sarina can make Josie do whatever she wants.

Sarina has put Josie through quite a number of humiliations and she has made Josie tell us about some of her not very glorious adventures.

Josie has also opened her own web site.

         Maid Gwen is a very pretty maid, living in Canada. She is wearing a beautiful uniform with a nice petticoat. Lucky are those being served by maid Gwen.     


 The beautiful Maid Suzie is also from Canada. Are all pretty maids coming from Canada? It must be a wonderful place to live for those in need of domestic help.

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