Maids around the World 

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Maid Dolly is a nice maid living in South East England. Dolly is going to Fetish clubs now and then and she has a few other maids outfits she is going to share with us when she gets the photos scanned.

Dolly has also set up her own web site where you will find more pictures of the pretty maid dressed up in her uniform, and also properly secured in bondage gear ready for training and service.


The lovely maid Candace Sue has been a maid to her Mistress for many years. We all know that it is always room for improvement in a maidís performance and attitude, even after years of servitude. So it is for Candace Sue too, and she is about to start a period of intensive training and has been ordered by Mistress Carole to make her true submissive nature known on the web.

Mistress Carole especially commanded Candace Sue to comment on the beautiful uniform which She made for her. I think we can all agree that the dress is absolutely adoring.

    The pretty Sissy Maid Heather has dressed up in her victorian maid's uniform for all of us to enjoy. She has some experienc in serving as a maid and has also been be trained in housekeeping duties by a female sub.

Heather is living in the Midwest and is very interested in serving.

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