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This is the sweet Sissy Maid Stephanie living in Kansas City. Her Mistress, Princess Beauty, has decided that she should share this beautiful photo with us.

Stephanie is fortunate to serve a loving Mistress who is teaching her the joys of fulfilment as a sissy maid. She spends many hours every day in one of her sissy maid's uniforms and is now becoming very comfortable in her life of complete servitude. Mistress Princess Beauty is also very pleased with Stephanie’s feminine development and added curves, saying it all adds to her status as a sissy french maid.

Not surprisingly, Stephanie has made one of the best scores in the Maid's Qualification Test.

Stephanie is Registered Maid #225.

We are very happy to have the fascinating Maid Viktorie Crossova from the Czech Republic joining the maids around the world. She is showing us how a maid should keep the shoes and boots in spotless and perfect condition.

Viki is in particular enjoying maid uniforms, long gowns and pvc. You should all make a visit to her home page, where she is telling us a little more about herself and is also presenting a nice gallery modelling her various uniforms and dresses.


Maid Amy Lynn has dressed up in her lovely maid’s uniform from LD Fashions. She is also wearing a pair of black patent pumps with 5 ½ inch heels. Amy Lynn finds them quite comfortable to wear. This is fortunate, because we can see that they are fastened with shoe locks and there is no way she can take them off when her wife has the keys.

Amy Lynn has now started her own web site and she is also  Registered Maid #1044

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