Maids around the World

Page 147

Sissy Maid 77 is from the UK. She is lucky in that she has some Miss-by-Elaine dresses specially maid--er, made--with chains through the neck and waist (see the chains dangling in her ruffled-panty close-up pic above).

Maid Maid77 is Registered Maid 22

Sissy Maid Brenda is from Dayton, Ohio. She is a very submissive TS maid and is on feminizing hormones and lives full-time as a female. She would love to find a full-time maid position.

Maid Brenda is Registered Maid #22

Maid Chrissy is from Florida where she has served her Wife-Missress for many years. She is under the complete control of her wife and is locked in Chastity. She looks forward to the time that she can become a full time maid.

Maid Chrissy is Registered Maid #22

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