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The beautiful Maid Mellissa is from Arizona. Her Mistress, Mistress Debbie, wishes to share this picture of Her pretty maid with all of us. Mellissa is shown straightening her seamed stockings, which her Mistress noticed were not straight, and for which the girl was properly punished. Mistress Debbie is very strict, but Mellissa does her best to obey Her every whim.

We send our thanks to Mistress Debbie for allowing us to enjoy the picture, and also for the time and effort She is spending to improve this maidís standard.


The gracious Maid Suson from Wisconsin is modelling two of her beautiful uniforms for us. With nice curtsies she is presenting a black latex dress with red latex stockings and a black satin one with white lingerie. Suson has lots of pictures of herself in maid's outfits, and she is sharing many of them with us here.

Suson is also being featured as the September '98 Maid of the Month in Bobbie Swan's Our Way Magazine and we are now happy to see that Susan has opened her own homepage.

The lovely Maid Sabrina is now offering her services to the Mistresses of Belgium, for performance of all kinds of domestic duties.

This should certainly be a great opportunity for any Mistress, and in particular for the believers in benefits of strict discipline who would not hesitate to administer corporal punishment and humiliation, as required to make this maid know her place. The result will be an obedient girl moulded for perfection according to the Mistressís personal preferences.

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