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Maid Rebecca lives in the North West area of the UK; she tells us:

I have been a maid for my ex wife who was the first to put me into uniform, this was because I was not working and she was the breadwinner. We had a Dom/sub relationship from the start of our 25years together, however I have first crossed dressed as teenager for a schoolgirl friend who dominated me all the time I was at school, she use to make me wear her school uniform in and out of the house, (no force required). I still have a love for a school uniform; I own a complete uniform including a Macintosh with hood. I continue to wear girls/female clothes all my adult life, I still do.

I have no ambitions to change sex, as I want to a male maid. This status will be humiliating but I am here to serve others.

I can provide references if required and a full CV if needed.

I can cook, wash clothes, iron, but I am not into gardening. I own several maid uniforms but I will dress to suit your requirements. I am self-employed; I can drive so therefore I can travel. I think we should take it step by step and I would be humbled if you tell me what you are looking for, and any plans.

I am genuinely interested and would be willing to send you my mobile phone number so we can chat, I will of course phone you back.

Maiding has been a passion of mine, the uniform symbolises that you are in service to another. I used to own a hotel with my ex-wife in Blackpool, where I was a chambermaid out of season, and wore the same uniform as the girls that worked for us.

It is my belief that maiding is a job, and not a chance to dress up and look pretty. I hope if I am appointed that serving you and your guests will help me be a better maid. Furthermore I hope you will correct me if I make a mistake, this can be carried out in private or public I will accept any criticism, punishment and if you decide humiliation as it will help me with my on-going training. Furthermore I believe that any maid can turn up and be sloppy just to punished, therefore I request that you punish good work as well as poor work, it is not my intention to be sloppy too maid to the highest standard.
A male maid is the latest accessory to many couples in the world, I am doing not need to be dragged to do this job, but I will come willingly.

Please feel free to order me to answer any question.

Yours humbly,

Sissy maid Rebecca

Maid Rebecca is Registered Maid 22

Maid Claire Leigh lives in the South of France.

Maid Claire Leigh is Registered Maid #22

Maid Nicola lives in London.

Maid Nicola is Registered Maid #22

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