Maids around the World 

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This is the fascinating Maid Andrea who loves dressing up as a French Maid and who also enjoys wearing female latex masks and beautiful wigs with her outfits, just as she is doing in these lovely photos.

Andrea has a very nice homepage. There she is telling us more about herself and allows us to have a look at her latex outfits and female masks.

     This is the pretty Maid Jennifer, who has known that she is a maid for as long as she can remember. She bought her first uniform 15 years ago and has been hooked ever since. Jennifer loves to serve wearing pretty dresses and pumps. We can also see that she particularly fond of pink dresses and pinafores.

          The obedient Maid Britt is another lovely maid from Denmark. Britt has been a full-time maid for a Lady during 3 years. She has received training in all aspects of maid duties and is now available for work due to the retirement of her Mistress. This is certainly a great opportunity for all femdoms or lesbian couples in Denmark, Scandinavia or Germany, who are in need of a maid they can train to do their housework. You should all pay a visit to Britt's homepage.

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