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The lovely Maid Cheri from Los Angeles has been in service for the beautiful Mistress Jennifer Antone for more than 14 years.

Cheri has become a very competent maid after all these years under Mistress Jennifer's strict and caring supervision into the fine arts of obedience and submission. Some of you might believe that Cheri would reach a point where there were nothing more to explore. That is not the case. She tells me that her Mistress is always looking for new ways to correct her. Cheri is certainly a lucky maid!

Cheri is also famous from starring in one of Mistress Jenniferís videos, "The Custom Maid." You will find more information at the web site Mistress Jennifer plans to open shortly.


The seductive Maid Christina Dane is living in the charming country of Denmark, and we can see that she is a friendly and easy-going person just like most Danes. She has dressed up in a maidís uniform at this occasion, but we should be aware that Christina is a slightly dominating girl and that she also loves to dress up as the Mistress.

You will find much more about her different characters at Christina Daneís Homepage.


Pretty Maid Denise is posing for us in her beautiful uniform.

Who wouldnít love to have this maid at service for dusting and other domestic chores?

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