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Maid Cathy is seeking a Master and/or Mistress to serve in the northern New Jersey area. She is very submissive and easily dominated. She is very willing to be molded into your toy and servant. Please consider using her for your benefit and enjoyment.

Maid Cathy Cottonis Registered Maid 22

My name is Maid Stephie and I am a straight, single maid living in the north west of England. I am in my early 40s, stand 5'8"" tall, with a slim build and I weigh 154 pounds.

I am educated, well mannered, polite, quiet, respectful, reliable, considerate and clean. I also like to keep fit and slim to ensure that I look as presentable as I can in, and out, of my maid dresses. My body is quite feminine and smooth as I always make sure I am completely shaved.

I have various sissy and French maids dresses in satin and PVC which I am adding to all the time. As well all the other maid accessories such as wigs, shoes, lingerie, makeup etc.

I am seeking a female Mistress, (single or married) who could provide a position for me to serve as a maid. Like most maids, I could happily settle into this life style full time, but I am realistic and know this situation is rare. So I am happy to settle for part time or occasional service. Possibly for a day, long weekend, or even a week if I'm lucky! I do try to spend as much time as I can dressed as a maid, even when there is no Mistress around to train me!

I would also like to make contact with other sissy and French maids who want to get together either individually or in a group

. I am accustomed to the reality of training and real time service through the experience I've gained over the years. I realise that each Mistress as her own specific requirements and, despite my experience, I know that my new Mistress will want to train me to serve exactly the way she wants. This is a role I enjoy very much as I have a genuine, submissive desire to please and serve. I have learned that I never feel happier or more fulfilled than when I am obeying instructions and carrying out tasks. So serving in the capacity of a French Maid is the ideal role for me.

As a maid in service I always aim to be the best maid I can and I constantly strive to think of ways to improve and serve in order to please and gain the approval of my Mistress. Whether it is domestic tasks, or making sure that my Mistress is well looked after and pampered.

I am completely submissive and obedient and I fully accept that my own needs and expectations are not important. I certainly would not dream of questioning any instructions given to me, as it would be very disrespectful of me if I did not show total obedience and willingness to serve and please. I am only there to serve or be used in any other way that amuses and pleases my Mistress.

I know I must accept any punishment, discipline and humiliation you choose to give if you are not fully satisfied with my work or behaviour. Or even if it is simply for your own pleasure and amusement.

My interests include:

  • Chastity - I have a CB3000 chastity device
  • BDSM, bondage, role play
  • Humiliation, Forced feminisation
  • Photography and video
  • Discipline, forfeits
  • Fetish
  • Spanking, CP, strap, paddle, tawse

Respectfully yours, Maid Stephie

Maid Stephie is Registered Maid #22

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