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Maid JennyWY is from West Yorkshire. Maid Jenny is Registered Maid #22

Maid PinkPVC lives in Northern California, vistiing Southern California from time to time.

Maid PinkPVC is Registered Maid #22

Sissy Maid Katrin Thomas lives the life!

I have been prpoerly traines as a maid at the "Muir Academy for Maids" in England. I truly recommend that all maids and sissies need to improve their skills seeking for professional help and although I have been worked as a maid before there was so much left to learn under the strict guideance of Miss Prim.
However, about 20 months ago I met my Mistress who owns me now in every way. Right from the start She made clear that She expected absolute obedience from Her maid and as the first sign of submission She had me fitted for a Neosteel chastity belt. After a short introductional time She keeps me now under lock and key. The belt hasn't been come off since last Christmas except for cleaning reasons. Lady Ysis made clear that my times of playing with myself is over for good. Although I still have to go to work in male mode all I have to wear is actually designed to be worn by women. As soon as I start service, which is almost daily, I have to change into dresses, skirts and blouses and She expects me to appear as feminine as possible. I have to do all the shoppings as a female and at several occasions I had to serve guests in either Her house or wherever She has been invited to. Lady Ysis has planned more things for me such as marking me as Her property with a tattoo. I think this will happen already within the next weeks. There are more things o come but I will not talk about this now. May be you can guess as there is one thing all of us girls are dreaming about.
Lady Ysis herself has a submissive partner who is superior to me, too. I know this all sounds very strange but I am so happy now.

Best wishes

A happy Maid Katrin

Maid KatrinThomas is Registered Maid 22

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