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i am Maid Tiffani Maid tiffani from the UK

i am a sub slut maid who likes to be used by her Mistress and Her friends for party activities.

i am fully house trained and used to eating from a bowl. 

i know that my place is at the feet of any Mistress who tells me to kneel there.

Maid Tiffani is Registered Maid 22

Maid Stevie lives in Sheffield and loves playing the sub maid for T-Girls, girls, couples, most anyone.

Maid Stevie is Registered Maid #22

Super Sissy Maid Chantelle tells us:

Am a married Bi Submissive TV Maid. I enjoy once a month maid service at my home. I am however looking to find a part time postion locally to help improve my self as a maid. I have never served another but am looking forward to the day when I can honestly say I am in the service of a mistress or master as there maid servent.

Super Sissy Maid Chantelle is Registered Maid #252 (!)

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