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The seducing and mystique Maid Vonda is featuring her exquisite PVC uniforms.

We know that Vonda loves to play the Maid...or the Schoolgirl... or the Domme... or the Ponygirl... or the Whore!...but never the girls on the office; and we are also happy to know that the maid is rapidly becoming her primary fetish.

         The graceful Maid Yvette is living in the San Francisco bay area and is now looking to serve a dominant Mistress. This opportunity should be noticed by all Mistresses thinking about taking on a new maid.

Her maids uniforms are bought through Versatile Fashions. She owns several styles: french, english, and victorian maid, in satin and some in pvc also. We can see the way her petticoat will make the uniform skirt bob and swish about, when Yvette is walking around on her long and elegant legs in her 5 inch heels.

Yvette is Registered Maid #377


The lovely Maid Debbie is taking a well deserved 5 minutes break in between all her daily duties.

Debbie is not always as obedient and submissive as she should be, and she is presently in the process of being enforced feminized by her wife and Mistress. Angel and Debbie were married only a few days ago and we wish them both a happy life in leisure and servitude.

You should all pay a visit to Debbie's new homepage, where you will also find a link to Mistress Angel's own page.

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