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Maid Abigail from Mansfield, Notts, is 28, Pre Op TS, now living as a woman and attending clinics on the first steps to matching the physical appearance to the person inside. Passionate about writing. Completed several short fetish stories posted on various sites and now working on a book. She is currently the part time maid of BethTVMistress (also photographer).

Maid Abigail is Registered Maid 22

Submissive Sissy Maid Suzee from SW Ohio:

If Victorianism is definitely back, then you will want a maid who can enchant her Mistress & Master with the proper manners of a Victorian French Maid. Suzee is a very submissive maid who understands that a curtsey is a matter of good discipline and proper respect. Like the lacing of a corset this maid approaches her work reverently as in undoing the fretwork of a corset's lacing with a careful hand. Having been trained in service by two elegant Mistresses, maid suzee has learned her place not only a submissive maid but also a maid responsible for the care and upkeep of a household. Maid suzee needs very strict discipline and a daily reminder that only the fine taste of the cane or crop can offer.

Live in SW Ohio. Looking for live-in 24/7. Willing to travel for 30 day trail.
Please Note: Love to meet cute submissive maids for meetings, girltalk & fun -- can travel or entertain.


Maid Suzee

Sissy Maid Suzee can often be found at the Do you Flirt Club at The Lab in Cincinnati.

Maid Suzee is Registered Maid #109

Maid Timmy tells us:

Maid Timmy from Scotland knows that a Mistress or Master needs a well dressed maid who has excellent domestic skills. Maid Timmy has been trained over many years and by many stern disciplinarians to carry out all household chores with diligence and skill. She also is a good cook. Maid Timmy knows that the slightest shortfall in standards of service can lead to deserved punishment and she takes a beating with thanks when deserved. Maid Timmy understands the need for a firm hand by her Mistress or Master so that she does not get above herself or become slovenly. She knows that to curtsey when serving is a matter of good discipline and respect. Maid Timmy also knows that younger maids need help so can offer less experienced maids training for when they go into service.

Your obedient servant

Maid Timmy

Maid Timmy is Registered Maid #22

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