Maids around the World 

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This is the charming Maid Michou who is living in Province of Québec in Canada.

Michou is interested in everything related to femininity including high heels, latex, piercing, bondage ... She is also of course - since being a maid - a sincere admirer of women with a "dominant" side.

Michou has her own home page and you should all pay a visit to Le Jardin secret de Michou.

We are very happy to wish the beautiful and sensual Maid Chrissie welcome to these pages, as the first maid from Switzerland to join our ranks.

Chrissie is instructed by her Mistress to wear lacquered bouffant hairstyles. She loves her Mistress very much and we can see that she is nicely obedient in this matter.

The lovely Maid Emma from Surrey in England is greeting us with a nice curtsey.

Emma loves to dress as a maid, and do some chores around the house. She also likes to tease other TVs, using all her feminine charms!!

You can find out more about Emma by visiting her new homepage. There you can also read about how she will be teasing and training a new maid she met in Mrs. Silk's chat room.

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