The Maid and the Bell

A Maid Training AcademyŠ drill, rehearsing the maid in responding promptly and correctly to the Mistress's bell.

This is a simple, but nevertheless very good drill teaching the maid to always be at alert for the Mistress's summon. The drill is designed to be used when the maid is engaged in everyday activities, such as reading a newspaper, watching TV, having a nap, eating or browsing the net.

All the maid has to do is to press the button below and to keep this page open. The bell will be ringing at random intervals. In response to the bell, the maid must drop whatever she is doing and:

- check her appearance
- rush to the door to the sitting room
- knock on the door
- make a regulatory curtsey
- carry on with whatever she is doing until the bell rings once more

Do not underestimate the importance of this drill. Responding promptly to the Mistress will eventually be permanently anchored in the girl's marrow, which would certainly be an asset for any good maid.

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The maid will report for service in