The Instant Maid Training Program

A Maid Training Academy© drill, rehearsing the maid in various basic skills.

Maid Lisbeth's IMT© 2000-2001, version 1.01 Beta

Note: You need loadspeakers to hear the bell call for your next assignment. Each assignment will last for about 5 minutes and you may use another clock in case your pc is not equipped with sound. This is a beta version prepared for Explorer 5.5, and it may not work properly if you don't have the neccessary plug-ins, or if you are using another browser.

Instant maid training performance instructions:

  1. Make a last quick check of your oufit and your appearance in front of a mirror.

  2. Push the button below

  3. Wait for the bell to ring

  4. Stand at attention until your assignment appears on the screen

  5. Perform your assignment to the best of your ability. Remember that the aim of the program is to improve your performance in a Mistress's service. You will certainly agree that then, only the best will be good enough.

  6. Return to the pc when the bell rings and wait at attention for your next assignment. You have to respond promptly to the bell, even if you have not completed the assignment You can return to the task when you have a spare time later in the day. Remember that the sound of Mistress's bell is an explicit instruction to report to Her at once

  7. Items 5 and 6 are to be repeated until the Mistress decides to terminate this training session, or you decide so yourself in case the Mistress is not present. The assignments are randomly selected and you may have to repeat some of them. Carry through with the repetitions, it is all part of your drill. It may also be some assignments you would prefer not to perform just now. You must carry through with them anyway. This is an important part of your obedience training. Would you ever think about answering back to your Mistress: "I will not follow Your instructions, but maybe I will consider it next week"? You understand that you would be out on the street within the hour - with a few stripes across your bottom to follow, don't you? So you must learn to do what you are told to do, and not only what you like to do. It is all for your own best in the long run.

Note: There are only a limited number of assignments included in the Instant Maid Training Program yet. I would be happy to receive proposals for new assignments. Please use the form at the bottom of the page.

If you have read the instructions carefully and checked your appearance, you may press this button:

The girl will start her instant training session in


Please submit your comments or proposal for additional assignments to Maid Lisbeth

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