The Maid Training Academy©

'The Maid Training Academy' is a 'The French Maids' institution dedicated to improving quality and diversity in services provided by the maids of the world. This will hopefully be to the benefit of Mistresses about to take on new maids, and also to the maids who eventually may experience the happiness following perfect performance in service.

The main part of the Academy's educational courses will be a systematic long term training program progressively teaching the girl more advanced and challenging skills. Those starting out on this ladder to perfection as an Academy Girl will at any time have an established qualification level which will guide Mistresses in assessing prospective maids' qualifications. This program is presently at a planning stage and it may take some time before it is ready, depending on how much time I will have available to develop it.

The Academy is initially offering two simple rehearsal programs:

The Instant Maid Training Program

where the girl will be drilled in basic skills, and:

The Maid and the Bell

where the girl will be trained in responding promptly and correctly to the Mistress's bell, while the girl is doing other things such as eating, reading, browsing, watching TV a.o.

The Academy is also offering a new corrective punishment program

This is an area we do note like to talk too much about. It is unpleasant, we all hope we will never have to follow the link below, but we should recognise that it is inevitable if a behavioural misconduct has been made.

Somebody may be of the opinion that a Mistress should look through her fingers about the maidís faults and hope for better performance next time. We certainly disagree to such an approach to maid keeping. We believe that the only way to bring the girl back on the right track is to deal expediently and firmly with the errors of her ways, using any means fitting the offence.

Unpleasant, yes, but good for the maid in the long run, of that we are absolutely confident.

So maid, stand at attention, follow the link and take whatever is coming as a good Academy Girl.

Maids' Corrective Punishment Court

Note: The programs are beta versions and may not work properly for all browsers.

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